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  • Randlane, T/ Thell, A/ Saag, A 1995: New data about the genera Cetrariopsis, Cetreliopsis and Nephromopsis (fam. Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycotina). - Cryptogamie, Bryologie-Lichénologie 16(1): 35-60. [RLL List # 158 / Rec.# 15309]
    Abstract: 16 fig. 1 tab. [New data in support of the cetrarioid genera Cetrariopsis (1 sp.), Cetreliopsis (5 spp.), Nephromopsis (9 spp.) are presented, and the genera are described and summarized. New: Cetrariopsis pallescens var. citrina (Taylor) Thell & Randl. comb. et stat. nov., C. laii Thell & Randl. sp. nov., Cetreliopsis asahinae (Sato) Randl. & Thell comb. nov., C. endoxanthoides (Awasthi) Randl. & Saag comb. nov., C. laeteflava (Zahlbr.) Randl. & Saag comb. nov., C. papuae Randl. & Saag sp. nov., C. rhytidocarpa subsp. langtangi Randl. & Thell subsp. nov.]
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