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  • Kondratyuk, S./ M.-H. Jeong/ N. H. Yu/ I. Kãrnefelt/ A. Thell/ J. Elix/ J. Kim/ A. Kondratyuk/ J.-S. Hur 2013: Four new genera of teloschistoid lichens (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota) based on molecular phylogeny. - Acta Botanica Hungarica 55(3-4): 251-274. [RLL List # 233 / Rec.# 35072]
    Keywords: Brownliella/ Filsoniana/ Fulgogasparrea/ Kaernefia/ mitochondrial DNA sequences/ new genera/ Niorma/ nuclear DNA sequences
    Abstract: Four new monophyletic groups are found within the teloschistoid clade of the subfamily Xanthorioideae in the Teloschistaceae using nuclear (ITS1/ITS2) and mitochondrial (12S mtSSU gene) DNA sequences. These groups are proposed as new genera: Brownliella gen. nova for the widely distributed Caloplaca cinnabarina group, Filsoniana gen. nova for the Australian Caloplaca australiensis group, Fulgogasparrea gen. nova for the Western Pacific species Caloplaca decipioides, and Kaernefia gen. nova for the Southern Hemisphere Caloplaca kaernefeltii group. Massalongo's genus Niorma is resurrected for the Teloschistes hypoglaucus group.
    Notes: New genera: Brownliella, Filsoniana, Fulgogasparrea, and Kaernefia.
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