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  • Kondratyuk, S./ Lőkös, L./ Kim, J./ Kondratiuk, A./ Oh, S.-O./ Hur, J.-S. 2015: Kashiwadia gen. nov. (Physciaceae, lichen-forming Ascomycota), proved by phylogenetic analysis of the Eastern Asian Physciaceae. - Acta Botanica Hungarica 56(3-4): 369-378. [RLL List # 242 / Rec.# 37165]
    Keywords: Heterodermia/ Kashiwadia/ Physcia orientalis/ Physciaceae
    Abstract: The new genus Kashiwadia S. Y. Kondr., L. Lőkös et J.-S. Hur, gen. nov. for the Eastern Asian species Physcia orientalis Kashiw. being in isolated position in the genus Physcia after morphological and anatomical characters as well as showing closer relation to the Heterodermia branch (than to the Physcia branch) in phylogenetic tree of the Physciaceae based on results of ITS1/ITS2 nuclear ribosomal and positioning in separate branch after 12S SSU mitochondrial DNA sequences and combined data set is proposed. Description of new genus and new combination is provided.
    – doi:10.1556/ABot.56.2014.3-4.12

    Notes: New: Kashiwadia S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur (type K. orientalis), K. orientalis (Kashiw.) S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur (≡ Physcia orientalis Kashiw.).
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