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  • Hafellner, J 1984: Studien in Richtung einer naturlicheren Gliederung der Sammelfamilien Lecanoraceae und Lecideaceae. - In: H. Hertel & F. Oberwinkler (eds.): Beitrage zur Lichenologie. Festscrift J. Poelt. Beiheft zur Nova Hedwigia 79. J. Cramer, Vaduz, pp. 241-371. [RLL List # 123-40 / Rec.# 7251]
    Abstract: 98 figures. [Major revision of the the families traditionally called the Lecideaceae and Lecanoraceae. Many generic realignments are proposed and new families described. New: Adelolecia Hertel & Hafellner, gen. nov.; A. pilati (Hepp) Hertel & Hafellner, comb. nov., Kiliasia Hafellner gen. nov., K. athallina (Hepp) comb. nov.; K. tristis (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov.; K. philippea (Mont.) comb. nov.; K. riparia (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov.; K. episema (Nyl.) comb. nov.; Catillariaceae fam. nov.; Catinariaceae, fam. nov.; Crocyniaceae Choisy ex Hafellner, fam. nov.; Eigleraeae fam. nov.; Eiglera gen. nov.; E. flavida (Hepp) comb. nov.; Fuscideaceae fam. nov.; Gomphillaceae Watson ex Hafellner, fam. nov.; Haematommataceae fam. nov.; Harpidiaceae Vezda ex Hafellner, fam. nov.; Helocarpaceae fam. nov.; Koerberiellaceae fam. nov.; Lasiolomataceae fam. nov.; Protoparmelia badia (Hoffm.) comb. nov.; Cladidium nom. nov.; C. thamnitis (Tuck.) comb. nov.; Lecidomataceae fam. nov.; Lopadiaceae fam. nov.; Megalariaceae fam. nov.; Megalaria gen. nov.; M. grossa (Pers. ex Nyl.) comb. nov.; Micareaceae Vezda ex Hafellner, fam. nov.; Miltideaceae fam. nov.; Miltidea ceroplasta (Babington) Galloway & Hafellner, comb. nov.; Mycobilimbiaceae fam. nov.; Mycobilimbia sabuletorum (Schreber) comb. nov.; Mykoblastaceae fam. nov.; Orphniosporaceae Bellemere & Hafellner, fam. nov.; Placolecidaceae fam. nov.; Placolecis opaca (Fr.) comb. nov.; Porpidiaceae Hertel & Hafellner, fam. nov.; Clauzadea Hefellner & Bellemere, gen. nov.; C. monticola (Ach. in Schaerer) Hafellner & Bellemere, comb. nov.; C. immersa (Weber) Hafellner & Bellemere, comb. nov.; Psorulaceae fam. nov.; Rhizocarpaceae Choisy ex Hafellner, fam. nov.; Poeltinula nom. nov.; P. cerebrina (DC. in Lam. & DC.) comb. nov.; Rimulariaceae fam. nov.; Roccellinastraceae fam. nov.; Ropalosporaceae fam. nov.; Saccomorpha uliginosa (Schrad.) comb. nov.; Sarrameanaceae fam. nov.; Schadoniaceae fam. nov.; Schaereriaceae Choisy ex Hafellner fam. nov.; Scoliciosporaceae fam. nov.; Sphaerophorpsidaceae fam. nov.; Squamarinaceae fam. nov.; Tephromelataceae fam. nov.; Tremoleciaceae fam. nov.; Xanthosporellaceae fam. nov.; Xanthosporella Kalb & Hafellner nom. nov.; X. texana (Weber) Kalb & Hafellner, comb. nov. Many lectotypes are selected and observations made on the relationships of these families.]
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