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  • Kondratyuk, S.Y./ Lõkös, L./ Zarei-Darki, B./ Hur, J.-S. 2012: New and rediscovered Caloplaca (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota) species from Asia. - Acta Botanica Hungarica 54(3-4): 313-339. [RLL Suppl. Rec.# 895]
    Abstract: Descriptions for 5 Caloplaca species new for science (C. chejuensis S. Y. Kondr. et J.-S. Hur, Caloplaca coreana S. Y. Kondr. et J.-S. Hur, C. galbina S. Y. Kondr. et J.-S. Hur (all from Korea), C. loekoesii S. Y. Kondr. et J.-S. Hur (from Korea and China), and C. safavidiorum S. Y. Kondr. et B. Zarei-Darki (from Iran)), as well as descriptions of 3 rediscovered species (Caloplaca diffluens (Hue) Zahlbr. (from Korea and China), C. multicolor (Hue) S. Y. Kondr. et J.-S. Hur, and C. spodoplaca (Nyl.) Zahlbr. (both from Korea), which were described from Korea and Japan more than one century ago and not recorded from that time), including diagnostic characters important for the present taxonomy of the genus Caloplaca s. l., are provided. The new combination, Caloplaca multicolor (Hue) S. Y. Kondr. et J.-S. Hur (Basionym: Lecidea multicolor Hue), is proposed.
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