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  • Lücking, R/ Kalb, K 2000: Foliikole Flechten aus Brasilien (vornehmlich Amazonien), inklusive einer Checkliste und Bemerkungen zu Coenogonium und Dimerella (Gyalectaceae) [Foliicolous lichens from Brazil (mainly Amazonia), including a checklist and notes on Coenogonium and Dimerella (Gyalectaceae)]. - Botanische Jahrbücher für Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie 122(1): 1-61. [RLL List # 184 / Rec.# 22311]
    Abstract: 8 fig. 4 tab. [Based on literature and specimens, 371 species are reported. Dimerella is formally proposed for synonymy with Coenogonium. New: Bacidina hypophylla sp. nov. (Brazil, Guyana), Bapalmuia consanguinea (Müll. Arg.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., Byssolecania hymenocarpa (Vainio) Kalb, Vezda & Lücking comb. nov., B. variabilis Vezda, Kalb & Lücking sp. nov. (Guatemala), B. vezdae Kalb & Lücking sp. nov. (Brazil), Byssoloma humboldtianum sp. nov. (Brazil), B. hypophyllum sp. nov. (Brazil), Coenogonium ciliatum Kalb & Lücking sp. nov. (Brazil), C. dilucidum (Kremp.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., C. fallaciosum (Müll. Arg.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., C. flavicans (Vezda & Farkas) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., C. hypophyllum (Vezda) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., C. luteum (Dicks.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., C. piliferum (Vezda) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., C. zonatum (Müll. Arg.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., C. subluteum (Rehm) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., Echinoplaca campanulata Kalb & Vezda sp. nov. (Brazil), Loflammiopsis brasiliensis gen. et sp. nov. (Brazil), Lyromma ornata Lücking, Kalb & Sérus. sp. nov. (Brazil), Malcolmiella amazonica (Redinger) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., M. granifera (Ach.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., M. psychotrioides Kalb & Lücking sp. nov. (Brazil), M. vinosa (Eschw.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nov., Microtheliopsis concentrica (J. L. Bezerra & Cavalc.) Lücking, Kalb & Sérus. comb. nov., Phyllobathelium firmum (Stirton) Vezda comb. nov., Pocsia borhidii (Farkas & Vezda) comb. nov., P. pocsii (Farkas & Vezda) comb. nov., Tricharia aulaxiniformis sp. nov. (Brazil), T. carneoalba sp. nov. (Brazil), T. microtricha sp. nov. (Brazil).]
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