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  • Ahti, T./ Pino-Bodas, R./ Stenroos, S. 2015: Cladonia corymbescens consists of two species. - Mycotaxon 130(1): 91-103. [RLL List # 242 / Rec.# 37123]
    Abstract: The lichen Cladonia corymbescens (Cladoniaceae, Ascomycota) has been reported to have two main ranges, one in Melanesia and Australasia and another in the Himalayas and surrounding areas. When specimens from New Caledonia, Bhutan, and Thailand were subjected to molecular sequencing (ITS rDNA and RPB2), two distinct clades were detected. The clades were also supported by morphological and geographical differences supporting recognition of two distinct species. Cladonia corymbescens s. str. is present in the Philippines, Melanesia, and Australasia, while the South East Asian mainland material is referred to C. pseudofissa, a new combination at species level.
    – doi:10.5248/130.91

    Notes: New: Cladonia pseudofissa (Asahina) Ahti, Pino-Bodas & S. Stenroos (≡ C. rangiformis var. pseudofissa Asahina; = C. erythrosperma var. thomsonii Vain., Cladonia rangiformis var. incurva Müll. Arg.).
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