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  • de Lange, P.J./ Galloway, D.J. 2015: Lichen notes from the Kermadec Islands. I. Lobariaceae. - Bulletin of the Auckland Museum 20: 141-170. [RLL List # 242 / Rec.# 37267]
    Abstract: The Lobariaceae of the Kermadec Islands group, South Pacific are treated. Four genera of the family are present: Crocodia, Podostictina, Pseudocyphellaria and Sticta. Two species of Crocodia (Crocodia. aurata, C. poculifera), two species of Podostictina (P. nermula, P. pickeringii) nineteen species of Pseudocyphellaria (P. argyracea, P. bartlettii, P. carpoloma, P. chloroleuca, P. crocata, P. dissimilis, P. episticta, P. glabra, P. godeffroyi, P. haywardiorum, P. homalosticta, P. insculpta, P. intricata, P. multifida, P. prolificans, P. punctillaris, P. reineckeana, P. semilanata and P. sulphurea) and nine species of Sticta (S. babingtonii, S. brevipes, S. caperata, S. cyphellulata, S. fuliginosa, S. limbata, S. pedunculata, S. squamata and S. wiegelii) are accepted for the Kermadec Islands group, all of which are known only from Raoul Island, the other islands apparently not supporting any members of the family. Pseudocyphellaria godeffroyi, P. homalosticta, P. prolificans, P. punctillaris, P. reineckeana, P. semilanata, P. sulphurea, Sticta brevipes, S. caperata, S. cyphellulata, S. pedunculata and S. wiegelii are all additions to New Zealandís lichen mycobiota. Although two species of Podostictina are present on the Kermadec Islands only one of these, P. pickeringii, currently has a valid name in that genus the other remains in Pseudocyphellaria as P. nermula. Therefore, we provide here a new combination in Podostictina, P. nermula (D.J.Galloway) de Lange et D.J.Galloway for this second species. Also to complete the full transfer of the remaining five New Zealand and South American Pseudocyphellaria belonging to Podostictina the necessary combinations are made. A key to species is presented and the family Lobariaceae in the Kermadec Islands group is discussed in relation to its known distribution in the wider Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. We conclude that the unusual diversity of the Lobariaceae in relation to other nearby island groups relates to the dense forest cover that Raoul Island has maintained throughout its human history, dispersal of these lichens propagules from New Zealand, and the northeastern Pacific, and also, by the dispersal of propagules of western Pacific tropical species of Pseudocyphellaria and Sticta by cyclones generated between the northern coast of Australia and the Solomon Islands.
    Notes: New: Podostictina encoensis (R.Sant.) D.J.Galloway & de Lange (≡ Pseudocyphellaria encoensis R.Sant.), Podostictina endochrysa (Delise) D.J.Galloway & de Lange (≡ Sticta endochrysa Delise), Podostictina jamesii (D.J.Galloway) de Lange & D.J.Galloway (≡ Pseudocyphellaria jamesii D.J.Galloway), Podostictina nermula (D.J.Galloway) de Lange & D.J.Galloway (≡ Pseudocyphellaria nermula D.J.Galloway), Podostictina scabrosa (R.Sant.) D.J.Galloway & de Lange (≡ Pseudocyphellaria scabrosa R.Sant.), Podostictina vaccina (Mont.) D.J.Galloway & de Lange (≡ Sticta vaccina Mont.).
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