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  • Ahti, T./ Sohrabi, M./ Davydov, E.A./ Pino-Bodas, R./ Stenroos, S. 2016: Taxonomic notes on Asian species of Cladonia (Cladoniaceae, Ascomycota). - Journal of Japanese Botany 91(Supplement): 388-395. [RLL List # 250 / Rec.# 39589]
    Abstract: Three species of the lichen genus Cladonia are described as new: Cladonia fragosa Ahti & Sohrabi (type from Prov. Jilin, China), C. sinoaltaica Ahti & Davydov (type from Xinjiang, China), and C. sumatrana Ahti (type from Sumatra, Indonesia). In addition, the recent records of C. awasthiana Ahti & Upreti from outside the Himalayas are referred to C. rei Schaer., and C. tixieri Abbayes (type from Vietnam) is reduced to synonymy of C. cartilaginea Müll. Arg.
    Notes: New: Cladonia fragosa Ahti & Sohrabi (from China), C. sinoaltaica Ahti & Davydov (from China), C. sumatrana Ahti (from Indonesia).
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