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  • Magnusson,A H;Zahlbruckner,A 1944: Hawaiian lichens. II. The families Lecideaceae to Parmeliaceae. - Arkiv för Botanik\Ark. Bot. 31A, Nr. 6: 1-109. [Mattick Rec.# 28373]
    Keywords: HAWAII
    Abstract: selected contents: Cladonia: key, 34 species; Enterographa on p. 28; Heppia lavicola on p. 70, Lecanactis premnea and L. Rockii on p.44-45; Lecania oahuensis on p. 75; Lempholemma on p. 60; Leptogidium on p. 59; Opegrapha on p. 26; Sarcogyne on p. 51; Sphinctrina on p. 19; Thelotrema on p. 49;
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