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  • Vezda, A 1986: Neue Gattungen der Familie Lecideaceae s. lat. (Lichenes). - Folia Geobotanica et Phytotaxonomica 21: 199-219. [RLL List # 128-113 / Rec.# 19667]
    Abstract: 15 figures. 2 plates. [New taxonomy for primarily foliicolous species formerly in the genera Catillaria, Bacidia, and Lopadium. All of the new genera included in the family Ectolechiaceae produce special conidiomata called campylidia. "The campylidia can be classified, according to their conidia and their shape, into several distinct forms, each form characteristic for a particular genus. On this basis there is ample justification for considering that all the genera in which campylidia occur be incorporated into a single family, the Ectolechiaceae Zahlbr. em. Hafellner." New: Fellhanera gen. nov. (family Pilocarpaceae), F. aurantiaca (Vezda) comb. nov., F. bouteillei (Desm.) comb. nov., F. congesta (Vezda) comb. nov., F. carnea (Vezda) comb. nov., F. buxi (Vezda et Vivant) comb. nov., F. dominicana (Vain.) comb. nov., F. elliotii (Vain.) comb. nov., F. encephalarti (Vezda) comb. nov., F. fuscatula (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., F. lisowskii (Vezda) comb. nov., F. microdiscus (Vain.) comb. nov., F. parvula (Vezda) comb. nov., F. rhapidophylli (Rehm.) comb. nov., F. semecarpi (Vain.) comb. nov., F. sorediantha (Vezda) comb. nov., F. paradoxa (Vezda) comb. nov., F. subternella (Nyl.) comb. nov., F. vandenberghenii (Ser.) comb. nov., F. wirthii (Vezda) comb. nov., Badimia gen. nov., B. dimidiata (Babingt. ex Leighton) comb. nov., B. elegans (Vain.) comb. nov., B. galbinea (Krempelh.) comb. nov., B. pallidula (Vain.) comb. nov., B. polillensis (Vain.) comb. nov., B. vieillardii (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., Barubria gen. nov., B. fuscorubra (Vezda) comb. nov., Calopadia gen. nov., C. foliicola (Fee) comb. nov., C. fusca (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., C. nymanii (R. Sant.) comb. nov., C. perpallida (Nyl.) comb. nov., C. phyllogena (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., C. puiggarii (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., Loflammia gen. nov., L. flammea (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., L. gabrielis (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., L. intermedia (R. Sant.) comb. nov., Logilvia gen. nov., L. gilva (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov. and Byssoloma subundulatum (Stirt.) comb. nov.]
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