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  • D. D. Awasthi 2007: A Compendium of the Macrolichens from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. - Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehra-Dun, India. 580 pp. [RLL List # 211 / Rec.# 29848]
    Abstract: [Treatment of 122 genera and 874 species with keys, synonyms, descriptions and notes; includes a list of 64 taxa reported but apparently now absent from the region. New: Flavocetrariella gen. nov., F. leucostigma (Lév.) comb. nov., F. melaloma (Nyl.) comb. nov., Lasallia freyana sp. et nom. nov., Hypotrachyna pindarensis (D. D. Awasthi & Singh) comb. nov., Hyperphyscia adglutinata var. pyrithocardia (Müll. Arg.) comb. nov., Physconia sikkimensis (Jatta) comb. nov., Pseudocyphellaria argyracea var. aspera (Lauer) comb. nov., P. diplomorpha (Müll Arg.) comb. nov., Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca var. australis (Poelt) comb. nov. and R. malanophthalma var. obscura (J. Steiner) comb. nov.]
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