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  • Divakar, P. K./ A. Crespo/ J. Núñez-Zapata/ A. Flakus/ H. J. M. Sipman/ J. A. Elix/ H. T. Lumbsch 2013: A molecular perspective on generic concepts in the Hypotrachyna clade (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota). - Phytotaxa 132(1): 21-38. [RLL List # 232 / Rec.# 34945]
    Keywords: Generic classification/ Lichens/ Molecular systematics/ Parmelioid lichens/ Taxonomy
    Abstract: Recently, molecular phylogenetic studies have revolutionized the generic concepts in Parmeliaceae and in lichen forming fungi in general. In the present study, the generic delimitation in the Hypotrachyna clade is revised using a molecular phylogeny of nuclear ITS, LSU and mitochondrial SSU rDNA sequences of 88 hypotrachynoid taxa. Morphological and chemical features are also revised in each group. 118 sequences are newly generated for this study. Our phylogenetic analyses show the polyphyly of Hypotrachyna as currently circumscribed which falls into four well-supported and one unsupported clade. Cetrariastrum, Everniastrum and Parmelinopsis are nested within Hypotrachyna s. lat., Parmelinopsis being also polyphyletic and nested in one of the Hypotrachyna clades. Cetrariastrum is monophyletic but clustered within Everniastrum. Two alternative hypotheses tests significantly rejected the monophyly of these three genera. As a consequence, the genera Cetrariastrum, Everniastrum, and Parmelinopsis are reduced to synonymy with Hypotrachyna. Furthermore, we here propose an alternative classification to recognize the well-supported clades at subgeneric level and leave the remaining species unclassified within the genus. Five new subgenera are proposed: Hypotrachyna subgen. Cetrariastrum, Hypotrachyna subgen. Everniastrum, Hypotrachyna subgen. Longilobae, Hypotrachyna subgen. Parmelinopsis, and Hypotrachyna subgen. Sinuosae. Forty-nine new combinations are proposed. © 2013 Magnolia Press.
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