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  • Kondratyuk, S./ Yatsyna, A./ Lokös, L./ Galanina, I./ Haji Moniri, M./ Hur, J.-S. 2013: Three new Xanthoria and Rusavskia species (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota) from Europe. - Acta Botanica Hungarica 55(3-4): 351-365. [RLL List # 233 / Rec.# 35073]
    Keywords: Gallowayella/ Jackelixia/ Massjukiella/ Oxneria/ Xanthodactylon
    Abstract: Two new Xanthoria s. str. species, Xanthoria polessica and X. juniperina, the members of the Xanthoria parietina-group (from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia), and Rusavskia dasanensis (from Norway) are described, as well as compared with closely related taxa. Current position of 47 species of xanthorioid lichens described during the last two decades in 15 different genera of the subfamily Xanthorioideae of the family Teloschistaceae is discussed. Caloplaca herbidella (Arnold) H. Magn. and Telogalla olivieri (Vouaux) Nik. Hoff. et Hafellner are for the first time recorded for Belarus.
    Notes: New species: Xanthoria polessica, Xanthoria juniperina, and Rusavskia dasanensis
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