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  • Kondratyuk, S. Y./ M.-H. Jeong/ I. A. Galanina/ L. S. Yakovchenko/ A. P. Yatsyna/ J.-S Hur 2014: Molecular phylogeny of placodioid lichen-forming fungi reveal a new genus, Sedelnikovaea. - Mycotaxon 129(2): 269-282. [RLL List # 239 / Rec.# 36137]
    Keywords: Biatora/ Candelariella/ Protoparmelia/ Pycnora/ Rhizoplaca/ Steinia
    Abstract: A molecular phylogeny based on ITS1/ITS2 and mtSSU DNA sequences is presented for lichen-forming fungi in Protoparmeliopsis and its distant relative Sedelnikovaea gen. nov. The positions of the two genera in the phylogenetic tree of the families Lecanoraceae and Lecideaceae are discussed. The new combination Sedelnikovaea baicalensis (≡ Lecanora baicalensis) is proposed. The unique Sedelnikovaea-type ascus is described and illustrated. Sedelnikovaea baicalensis and Zwackhiomyces zarei are for the first time recorded from China. © 2014. Mycotaxon, Ltd.
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