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  • Wang, L.S./ Wang, X.Y./ Liu, D./ Myllys, L./ Shi, H.X./ Zhang, Y.Y./ Yang, M.X./ Li, L.J. 2017: Four new species of Bryoria (Lichenized ascomycota: Parmeliaceae) from the Hengduan Mountains, China. - Phytotaxa 297(1): 29-41. [RLL List # 252 / Rec.# 39107]
    Abstract: Bryoria is one of the most common lichen genera in the Hengduan Mountains; however, due to only preliminary studies in China, species delimitations are poorly known. In this study, thousands of specimens from this region were examined, combined with morphological and chemical characters as well as phylogeny of ITS sequences. Four species of Bryoria are described as new to science: B. barbata, B. fruticulosa, B. wuii and B. yunnana. Consequently, the number of Bryoria species known from this area is increased to 24. Detailed descriptions of the new species and a key to all the known Chinese species are provided.
    – doi:10.11646/phytotaxa.297.1.3

    Countries/Continents: China/Asia
    Notes: New (all from China): B. barbata Li S.Wang & D. Liu, B. fruticulosa Li S.Wang & Myllys, B. wuii Li S.Wang, B. yunnana Li. S.Wang & Xin Y. Wang.
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