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  • Kondratyuk, S.Y./ Kim, J.A./ Yu, N.H./ Jeong, M.H./ Jang, S.H./ Kondratiuk, A.S./ Zarei-Darki, B./ Hur, J.S. 2015: Zeroviella, a new genus of xanthorioid lichens (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota) proved by three gene phylogeny. - Ukrainian Botanical Journal 72(6): 574-584. [RLL Suppl. Rec.# 893]
    Abstract: A new genus, Zeroviella S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur (Xanthorioideae, Teloschistaceae) for the widely distributed in the Palearctic Rusavskia papillifera-group is proposed on the basis of a combined phylogenetic data set based on ITS and LSU nrDNA and 12S SSU mtDNA sequences. A new species from Palearctic, Zeroviella esfahanensis S.Y. Kondr., B. Zarei-Darki & J.S. Hur, is described, illustrated and compared with closely related taxa. Seven new combinations for the genus Zeroviella (Zeroviella coreana (S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur) S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur, Z. digitata (S.Y. Kondr.) S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur, Z. domogledensis (Vìzda) S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur, Z. laxa (Müll. Arg.) S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur, Z. mandschurica (A. Zahlbr.) S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur, Z. papillifera (Vain.) S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur, and Z. ussurica (S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur) S.Y. Kondr. & J.-S. Hur) are proposed. Additionally, seven new combinations for various genera of the Teloschistaceae (i.e.: Blastenia catalinae (H. Magn.) E.D. Rudolf, Fulgogasparrea brouardii (B. de Lesd.) S.Y. Kondr., Scythioria duritzii (H. Magn.) S.Y. Kondr., Scythioria flavogranulosa (Arup) S.Y. Kondr., Sirenophila cliffwetmorei (S.Y. Kondr. & Kärnefelt) S.Y. Kondr., Squamulea nesodes (Poelt & Nimis) S.Y. Kondr., and Villophora microphyllina (Tuck.) S.Y. Kondr.) are proposed.
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