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  • Kondratyuk, SY/ Kärnefelt, I 2003: Revision of three natural groups of xanthorioid lichens (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota). - Ukrayins'kyi Botanichnyi Zhurnal 60(4): 427-437. [RLL Suppl. Rec.# 956]
    Abstract: Status of three natural groups of xanthorioid lichens (Teloschistaceae), namely Xanthomendoza ulophyllodes, Xanthoria elegans and Teloschistes villosus groups is revised. Their status is elevated to the generic level. They are segregated from other hitherto accepted groups, namely Oxneria (with type species Oxneria alfredii (S. Kondr. & Poelt) S. Kondratyuk & Karnefelt) from Xanthomendoza, Rusavskia (with type species Rusavskia elegans (Link) S. Kondratyuk. & Karnefelt) from Xanthoria; and Xanthoanaptychia (with type species Xanthoanaptychia villosa (Ach.) S. Kondratyuk & Karnefelt) from. Teloschistes. Descriptions and comparison. with allied lichen groups are provided. Totally 39 new combinations (21 for the representatives of the genus Oxneria, 14 species of the genus Rusavskia, and 6 of the genus Xanthoanaptychia) mainly for all Holarctic representatives of xanthorioid groups mentioned are proposed. Synonyms for some taxa are for the first time provided. [New: Oxneria gen. nov., O. alfredii comb. nov., O. aphrodites comb. nov., O. borealis comb. nov., O. concinna comb. nov., O. coppinsii sp. nov., O. fallax comb. nov., O. fulva comb. nov., O. gallowayi comb. nov., O. hasseana comb. nov., O. hermonii comb. nov., O. incavata comb. nov., O. montana comb. nov., O. novozelandica comb. nov., O. oregana comb. nov., O. poeltii comb. nov., O. soechtingii comb. nov., O. sogdiana sp. nov., O. tibellii comb. nov., O. ulophyllodes comb. nov., O. weberi comb. nov., O. wetmorei comb. nov., Rusavskia gen. nov., R. aspera comb. nov., R. capensis comb. nov., R. crassa comb. nov., R. digitata comb. nov., R. domogledensis comb. nov., R. elegans comb. nov., R. granulifera comb. nov., R. hafellneri comb. nov., R. mandschurica comb. nov., R. muscicola comb. nov., R. papillifera comb. nov., R. resendei comb. nov., R. sorediata comb. nov., R. subfruticulosa comb. nov., Xanthoanaptychia gen. nov., X. arctica comb. nov., X. chrysophthalma comb. nov., X. contortuplicata comb. nov., X. villosa comb. nov., X. villosa subsp. brevior comb. nov., X. villosa subsp. lacunosa comb. nov.]
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