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  • Inoue, M. 1995: A revised list of Japanese species of Lecideaceae sensu Zahlbruckner and its related taxa. - A Report of the Results of Studies Financed by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (C) No. 05640782. - Akita University. 1-28 pp. [RLL Suppl. Rec.# 966]
    Abstract: [New combinations] Biatora furfuracella (Nyl.) Mas.Inoue, B. leucosoralis (Vain.) Mas.Inoue, B. subrufata (Nyl.) Mas.Inoue, Caloplaca euphoriza (Nyl.) Mas.Inoue, Lecidella elaeochroma var. caesitia (Vain.) Mas.Inoue, L. praespersa (Nyl.) Mas.Inoue, L. sendaiensis (Zahlbr.) Mas.Inoue, L. subcongrua (Nyl.) Mas.Inoue, Micarea derelicta (Nyl.) Mas.Inoue, M. inductella (Nyl.) Mas.Inoue, Parmeliella luridopallens (Vain.) Mas.Inoue, Phyllopsora maingayensis (Cromb.) Mas.Inoue, Protoblastenia handelii (Zahlbr.) Mas.Inoue
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