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  • Poelt, J/ Vezda, A 1981: Bestimmungsschlussel europaischer Flechten. Erganzungsheft II. - Bibliotheca Lichenologica 16, J. Cramer, Vaduz. 390 pp. [RLL List # 112-57 / Rec.# 14779]
    Abstract: [Second supplement to keys to European lichens. Text includes keys to more than 75 genera of lichens or lichen groups, errata from the first supplement, and an index to both supplements. New: Bagliettoa cazzae (Zahlbr.) Vezda & Poelt, comb. nov.; B. parmigera (Steiner) Vezda & Poelt, comb. nov.; B. quarnerica (Steiner) Vezda, comb. nov.; B. steineri (Kusan) Vezda, comb. nov.; B. baldensis (Massl.) Vezda, comb. nov.; B. parmigerella (Zahlbr.) Vezda & Poelt, comb. nov.; Brigantiaea fuscilutea (Dicks.) R. Santesson, comb. nov.; Catinaria pulverea (Borrer) Vezda & Poelt, comb. nov.; C. atropurpurea (Schaer.) Vezda & Poelt, comb. nov.; Fuscidea maculosa (H. Magn.) Poelt, comb. nov.; F. atlantica (H. Magn.) Poelt, comb. nov.; Hymenelia homalomorpha (Nyl.) Poelt & Vezda, comb nov.; H. obtecta (Vain.) Poelt & Vezda, comb. nov., H. similis (Massal.) Poelt & Vezda, comb. nov.; H. ceracea (Arnold in Krempelh.) Poelt & Vezda, comb. nov.; H. lacustris (With.) Poelt & Vezda, comb. nov.; Hypocenomyce sorophora (Vain.) P. James & Poelt, comb. nov.; Lecanora mugosphagneti Poelt & Vezda, sp. nov.; Lecidella dirumpens (Hertel & Poelt) Hertel & Poelt, comb. nov.; Melanolechia Hertel, gen. nnov.; M. muscigena (Vezda) Hertel, comb. et stat. nov.; M. jurana (Schaer.) Hertel, comb. nov.; M. jurana var. bicincta (Hertel) Hertel, comb. nov.; M. jurana var. muverani (Mull. Arg.) Hertel, comb. nov.; M. transitoria (Arnold) Hertel, comb. nov.; M. micropsis (Massl.) Hertel, comb. nov., M. micropsis var. lutescens (Anzi) Hertel, comb. nov.; M. dissipabilis (Nyl.) Hertel, comb. nov.; and Pyrrhospora rubiginans (Nyl.) P. James & Poelt, comb. nov.]
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