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  • Kirika, P.M./ Divakar, P.K./ Leavitt, S.D./ Buaruang, K./ Crespo, A./ Mugambi, G./ Gatheri, G.W./ Lumbsch, H.T. 2017: The genus Relicinopsis is nested within Relicina (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota). - The Lichenologist 49(3): 189-187. [RLL List # 247 / Rec.# 38980]
    Keywords: generic circumscription/ integrative taxonomy/ lichenized fungi/ molecular systematics/ parmelioid lichens
    Abstract: Macro-morphological features traditionally used to segregate genera in Parmeliaceae have been shown to be highly plastic, placing limits on their taxonomic value. Here we aim to elucidate the evolutionary relationships of the genera Relicina and Relicinopsis and reassess the phenotypic features traditionally used to separate these genera. To this end, we gathered ribosomal DNA sequences of ITS, nuLSU and mtSSU and analyzed them in a phylogenetic framework. Relicina was recovered as paraphyletic, with Relicinopsis nested within, and three different clades were identified within Relicina. Alternative hypothesis tests significantly rejected the monophyly of Relicina. Our results indicate that the presence or absence of bulbate cilia is of limited taxonomic value in this clade. Based on differences in conidia, however, we propose to accept Relicinopsis as a subgenus within Relicina as Relicina subgen. Relicinopsis (Elix & Verdon) Kirika, Divakar & Lumbsch. It is proposed that five new combinations of species previously classified in Relicinopsis be placed in Relicina.
    – doi:10.1017/S0024282916000748

    Notes: New: Relicina subgen. Relicinopsis (Elix & Verdon) Kirika, Divakar & Lumbsch (≡ Relicinopsis Elix & Verdon), Relicina dahlii (Hale) Kirika, Divakar & Lumbsch (≡ Pseudoparmelia dahlii Hale), Relicina intertexta (Mont. & Bosch) Kirika, Divakar & Lumbsch (≡ Parmelia intertexta Mont. & Bosch), Relicina malaccensis (Nyl.) Kirika, Divakar & Lumbsch (≡ Parmelia malaccensis Nyl.), Relicina rahengensis (Vain.) Kirika, Divakar & Lumbsch (≡ Parmelia rahengensis Vain.), Relicina stevensiae (Elix & J.Johnst.) Kirika, Divakar & Lumbsch (≡ Relicinopsis stevensiae Elix & J.Johnst.)
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