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  • Elix, JA 1999: Further new species and new reports in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) from South Africa. - Mycotaxon 70: 103-110. [RLL List # 174 / Rec.# 5057]
    Abstract: 4 fig. [New: Canoparmelia terrapapia sp. nov., Flavoparmelia salazinica sp. nov., Hypotrachyna leeukopensis sp. nov., Paraparmelia maritima sp. nov., Canoparmelia rodriguesiana (Hue) comb. nov., Karoowia lyrigera (Brusse) comb. nov., Neofuscelia nautilomontana (Brusse) comb. nov., Paraparmelia perfissa (Steiner & Zahlbr.) comb. nov. New to Africa: Canomaculina africana, Hypotrachyna subpustulifera, Parmotrema blanchetianum, Xanthoparmelia cravenii. New to South Africa: Relicina planiuscula.]
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