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  • Kondratyuk, S.Y./ Lőkös, L./ Park, J.-S./ Jang, S.-H./ Jeong, M.-H. 2016: New Aspicilia species from South Korea proved by molecular phylogeny with a key to the Eastern Asian aspicilioid lichens. - Studia Botanica Hungarica 47(2): 227-249. [RLL List # 245 / Rec.# 38547]
    Abstract: Six species new for science, i.e. Aspicilia pseudoabbasiana, A. pseudovulcanica, A. subepiglypta, A. subgeographica, A. subgoettweigensis, and A. submamillata, are described, illustrated and compared with closely related taxa. A new name Aspicilia abbasiana (for Aspicilia volcanica) and a new combination Rimularia geumodoensis (for Aspicilia geumodoensis) are proposed. Aspicilia cf. pacifi ca, Buellia coniops, Circinaria contorta, C. leprosescens, Lichenostigma bolacinae, Phaeospora peregrina, and Rosellinula fr ustulosae are reported for the fi rst time for Korea. A preliminary key to the identifi cation of aspicilioid taxa in the Eastern Asian region is provided.
    – doi:10.17110/StudBot.2016.47.2.227

    Notes: New (all new species from South Korea): Aspicilia abbasiana S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös, Ismayil & S.P.Guo nom. nov. pro. Aspicilia volcanica Ismayil, A.Abbas & S.P. Guo non Hue, A. pseudoabbasiana S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur, A. pseudovulcanica S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur, A. subepiglypta S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur, A. subgeographica S.Y. Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur, A. subgoettweigensis S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur, A. submamillata S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur, Rimularia geumodoensis (S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur) S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur (≡ A. geumodoensis S.Y.Kondr., L.Lőkös & J.-S.Hur).
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