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  • Myllys, L./ Velmala, S./ Pino-Bodas, R./ Gorward, T. 2016: New species in Bryoria (Parmeliaceae, Lecanoromycetes) from north-west North America. - The Lichenologist 48(5): 355-365. [RLL List # 245 / Rec.# 38202]
    Abstract: Two new species of Bryoria are described based on morphology, chemistry and molecular phylogeny (ITS and Mcm7). Both species belong in section Bryoria, which was resolved as a polyphyletic group in the ITS+Mcm7 phylogeny. Bryoria alaskana belongs to a clade restricted to South-East Asia and north-west North America, and is so far known from south-east Alaska and the Sino-Himalayan Mountains. This highly variable species is most reliably recognized by its pendent, esorediate thallus, its production of fumarprotocetraric acid, and the combination of isotomic branching, abundant, whitish, predominantly fusiform pseudocyphellae, and sparse, short perpendicular side branches. Black emorient patches are lacking. Bryoria irwinii is endemic to north-west North America and is closely related to B. araucana from South America, B. poeltii from South-East Asia, as well as B. nadvornikiana and B. trichodes, both widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a subpendent, esorediate species recognized by its predominantly anisotomic branching, olivaceous hue, black emorient patches, conspicuous pale brownish, fusiform pseudocyphellae, and numerous perpendicular, more or less basally constricted, side branches.
    – doi:10.1017/S0024282916000268

    Notes: New: Bryoria alaskana Myllys & Goward (from U.S.A.), Bryoria irwinii Goward & Myllys (from Canada).
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