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  • Hodkinson, B. P./ J. C. Lendemer 2011: The orders of Ostropomycetidae (Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota): Recognition of Sarrameanales and Trapeliales with a request to retain Pertusariales over Agyriales. - Phytologia 93(3): 407-412. [RLL List # 224 / Rec.# 33281]
    Keywords: Fungi, lichen, Loxospora, Loxosporales, nomenclature, Sarrameana, Sarrameanaceae, taxonomy
    Abstract: Recent molecular phylogenetic analyses have shown that Agyrium rufum, the type species of Agyrium, is unrelated to Trapeliaceae and closely related to Pertusaria s. str. As such, the ordinal names Agyriales and Pertusariales were placed in synonomy, with preference given to continue the use of the older name Agyriales rather than Pertusariales. We argue that the name Pertusariales should be retained in favor of Agyriales. We also formally describe a new order, Trapeliales, to accommodate the discrete group of taxa that was previously classified in Agyriales but is actually distinct from that taxon in its current circumscription. Additionally, the molecularly and morphologically distinct order Sarrameanales is defined.
    New taxa: Sarrameanales/Trapeliales
    Notes: New orders: Sarrameanales Hodkinson & Lendemer and Trapeliales Hodkinson & Lendemer
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