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  • Aptroot, A./ Ertz, D./ Silva, J.D.R./ Grube, M./ Cáceres, M.E.S. 2015: The phylogenetic position of Coniarthonia and the transfer of Cryptothecia miniata to Myriostigma (Arthoniaceae, lichenized ascomycetes). - Phytotaxa 218(2): 128-136. [RLL List # 240 / Rec.# 36516]
    Keywords: Brazil/ Brejo de Altitude/ corticolous/ Costa Rica/ Guyana/ Sergipe
    Abstract: Two lichen species with bright orange and pink colours are described. Coniarthonia megaspora from Ne Brazil, with relative large, hyaline ascospores that are becoming violet in tap water after release. The phylogenetic position of Coniarthonia is for the first time assessed, based on Brazilian specimens, and Arthonia eos and A. kermesina are combined into this genus. Fertile material of Cryptothecia miniata is for the first time described from Brazil and Costa Rica. A phylogenetic analysis including the epitype places it close to Myriostigma candidum in the recently resurrected genus Myriostigma. The genera Stirtonia and Cryptothecia in their current sense are shown to be both polyphyletic.
    – doi:10.11646/phytotaxa.218.2.2

    Genera/Families: Arthonia/Coniarthonia/Myriostigma/Arthoniaceae/Stirtonia/Cryptothecia
    Notes: New: Coniarthonia megaspora Aptroot, Mendonça & M. Cáceres (from Brazil), C. eos (Grube, G. Thor & Frisch) Aptroot & Ertz (≡ Arthonia eos Grube, G. Thor & Frisch), C. kermesina (R.C. Harris, E. Tripp & Lendemer) Aptroot & Ertz (≡ Arthonia kermesina R.C. Harris, E. Tripp & Lendemer), Myriostigma miniatum (Lücking) Aptroot, Ertz, Grube & M. Cáceres (≡ Cryptothecia miniata Lücking). "Coniarthonia pulchra" on p. 129 and p. 133 is an error for Coniarthonia pulcherrima (Müll. Arg.) Grube.
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