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  • Lumbsch, H.T./ Leavitt, S.D. 2019: Introduction of subfamily names for four clades in Cladoniaceae and Peltigeraceae (Lecanoromycetes). - Mycotaxon 134(2): 271-273. [RLL List # 261 / Rec.# 41999]
    Abstract: In a recent proposal for a classification of orders and families in Lecanoromycetidae and Ostropomycetidae based on a temporal approach, Squamarinaceae and Stereocaulaceae were synonymized with Cladoniaceae, and Lobariaceae and Nephromataceae with Peltigeraceae. Since these four synonymized families represent easily recognized, monophyletic lineages and are well-established names, we here propose to accept them at subfamilial rank, as Lobarioideae, Nephromatoideae, Squamarinoideae, and Stereocauloideae.
    – doi:10.5248/134.271

    Notes: New: Squamarinoideae Lumbsch & S.D.Leav. (≡ Squamarinaceae Hafellner), Stereocauloideae Lumbsch & S.D.Leav. (≡ Stereocaulaceae Chevall.), Lobarioideae Lumbsch & S.D.Leav. (≡ Lobariaceae Chevall.), Nephromatoideae Lumbsch & S.D.Leav. (≡ Nephromataceae Wetmore ex J.C.David & D.Hawksw.).
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