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  • Spielmann, A.A./ Marcelli, M.P. 2020: Type studies on Parmotrema (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota) with salazinic acid. - Plant and Fungal Systematics 65(2): 403508. [RLL List # 264 / Rec.# 42715]
    Abstract: The species of Parmotrema with salazinic acid were revised, based on the types of the accepted names, as well as their synonyms. Descriptions for 66 species are given and the synonymy, chemistry, distribution and taxonomic affinities of each species discussed. Three new species are described: Parmotrema austromaculatum sp. nov., P. bifidum sp. nov. and P. clercianum sp. nov. One new combination in Parmelinella is made, P. afrocetrata comb. nov., as well as 13 new combinations in Parmotrema: P. acanthifolium comb. nov., P. concors comb. nov., P. foliolosum comb. nov., P. granulare comb. nov., P. lividotessellatum comb. nov., P. magnum comb. nov., P. maximum comb. nov., P. nudum comb. nov., P. petropoliense comb. nov., P. radiatum comb. nov., P. reterimulosum comb. nov., P. sieberi comb. nov. and P. warmingii comb. nov. One new name, Parmotrema elixii nom. nov. is proposed for Rimelia pustulata. Two lectotypifications are made: Parmotrema erubescens and P. ruminatum. Twelve taxa remain without definite status and are included in the nomina inquirenda.
    – doi:10.35535/pfsyst-2020-0028

    Notes: New (all new species from Brazil): Parmotrema acanthifolium (Pers.) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia acanthifolia Pers.), Parmotrema austromaculatum Spielmann & Marcelli, Parmotrema bifidum Spielmann & Marcelli, Parmotrema clercianum Spielmann, Parmotrema concors (Kremp.) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia concors Kremp.), Parmotrema elixii Spielmann & Marcelli nom. nov. pro. Rimelia pustulata Elix & Bawingan non non Parmotrema pustulatum Louwhoff & Elix, Parmotrema foliolosum (C.W.Dodge) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia foliolosa C.W.Dodge), Parmotrema granulare (Asahina) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia cetrata f. granularis Asahina), Parmotrema magnum (Lynge) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia magna Lynge), Parmotrema maximum (Hue) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia maxima Hue), Parmotrema nudum (Hue) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia reticulata f. nuda Hue), Parmotrema petropoliense (Zahlbr.) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia petropoliensis Zahlbr.), Parmotrema radiatum (Lynge) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia cetrata subsp. radiata Lynge), Parmotrema reterimulosum (J.Steiner & Zahlbr.) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia reterimulosa J.Steiner & Zahlbr.), Parmotrema sieberi (C.W.Dodge) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia sieberi C.W.Dodge), Parmotrema warmingii (Vain.) Spielmann & Marcelli (≡ Parmelia warmingii Vain.). Lectotypified: Parmelia erubescens Stirt. (≡ Parmotrema erubescens (Stirt.) Krog & Swinscow), Parmelia ruminata Zahlbr. (≡ Parmotrema ruminatum (Zahlbr.) Blanco, Crespo, Divakar, Elix & Lumbsch).
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