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  • Rodrigues, A.S./ da Costa, P.C./ Lorenz, A.P./ Jungbluth, P. 2022: Hypotrachyna neohorrescens, a new species in the subgenus Parmelinopsis (Parmeliaceae) from Brazil. - The Lichenologist 54(2): 107-115. [RLL List # 270 / Rec.# 43797]
    Abstract: This study describes a new species of Hypotrachyna subgenus Parmelinopsis from the south-eastern Cerrado (Brazilian savannah), a biodiversity hotspot. The species is especially common in open vegetation, including urban environments. Hypotrachyna neohorrescens sp. nov. is morphologically and chemically similar to H. horrescens. Nevertheless, phylogenetic analyses of the nuITS and mtSSU regions revealed that H. neohorrescens is a distinct species and closely related to the North American H. mcmulliniana, differing by the size of the laciniae and ascospores.
    – doi:10.1017/S0024282922000020

    Countries/Continents: Brazil/South America
    Notes: New: Hypotrachyna neohorrescens Jungbluth, Marcelli & Lorenz (from Brazil).
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