Norwegian Lichen Database - Statistics


Number of records in the database: 388347
Number of records in each dataset: B: 337, BG: 52583, DUKE: 8322, MIN: 816, NLH: 1392, O: 121833, S: 3238, TRH: 35761, TROM: 12326, UPS: 18788, hb. Holien: , Skog & Landskap: 210, 41706 Click & Go!: 607, Field Notes: 76644, Field Investigations 1992-1995: 1096 Field Investigations 2005-: 292 Supplement Notes (O): 5265
Number of records with geographical coordinates: 341257 (87 %)
Number of species with at least one record: 1970

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Number of records collected each decade (field notes, field investigations, and undated collections excluded)
Number of species recorded for the first time each decade
Number of records from each county
Number of records from each municipality
Number of records of each species
Date range, sorted on earliest collection
Date range, sorted on most recent collection
Altitude range, sorted on lowest locality
Altitude range, sorted on highest locality

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