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The Norwegian mycological database is a compilation of several datasets:

  • Specimens at the Mycological Herbarium, Botanical Museum, University of Oslo (O)
  • Records from the project "Mapping of Macromycetes in Norway" (observations and field notes) (P)
  • Literature records (Lit)
  • Notes (mainly from Jens Stordal) (n)
  • Specimens kept at other herbaria (herbarium abbreviations according to Index Herbariorum)
  • Electronic field notes (from the Norwegian Mycological Field Note Archive) (field note)

  • The database consists of all digitalized Norwegian herbarium collections in the mycological herbarium at O. In addition, mapping project observations, notes, electronic field notes, literature records and some collections from other herbaria are included in the database. Please notice that only 40-50% of the herbarium specimens (macromycetes) are digitalized, however! For this reason the distribution maps will in many cases show incomplete distribution patterns. Notice also that locality information for all records from TRH and TROM is withheld in order not to violate any copyright claims (still, the localities will appear on the maps).

    The following formats are available:

  • Map: Distribution maps. No maximum number of records.
  • Labels: Listing of records (label information). Max 100 records are shown at a time.
  • Field delimited: Download of label data in a field delimited database format (all fields in the database, ascii text). No maximum number of records - careful when downloading!
  • NIJOS format: Download of data in a special exchange format (tab-delimited ascii text of selected fields) to be used in digital maps of biodiversity. This is a co-project with the Norwegian Institute of Land Inventory (NIJOS) aiming at making herbarium information operative in Norwegian municipal planning and conservation policy (e.g. LA-21). No maximum number of records - careful when downloading!
  • Thanks are due to Einar Timdal, curator of the Lichen Herbarium at O, for the construction of this Internet database and the adaptation for the Mycological Herbarium. Questions and comments concerning the technical side of the database should be forwarded to Einar Timdal.

    © Copyright: The herbarium indicated for each specimen. The mapping project for project records (P and n).

    Updated 2005-03-229