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  • Enter a value in the field(s) you want to match in the corresponding field(s) in the database. A match is required in all fields that are filled in (i.e., there is an AND-relation between the fields). Empty search form fields will not be considered during the search.
  • Search for text string means that the entered characters may match anywhere in the corresponding database field. In the other case a complete match is required.
  • In text string-fields, two or more alternative values (OR-relations) in one search form field are allowed. The values must be separated by a vertical bar ("|"). Example: You may search simultaneously for four persons in the author/collector field by entering, e.g., "Sommerfelt|Norman|Lynge|Dahl".
  • Multiple values (AND-relations) are not allowed in a single search form field.
  • The search is case insensitive, i.e. you may enter values in either lowercase or UPPERCASE.
  • Scandinavian and German letters are supported.